Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I Almost Didn't Get The Pack Of Cigarettes!

I had just enough money to buy the cheaper brand of cigarettes that I mentioned before - called Hummers and I went to my regular "haunt" - the gas station (that's where the cigarettes cost the cheapest) to get them. Since I'm there buying cigarettes all the time most of the cashiers that work there know me.

This particular time the cashier that was there must have been a new employee. He didn't believe me when I told him that the cigarettes that I wanted to buy only cost $1.59 and I guess that this cigarette brand scanned differently. He said he couldn't let me buy the cigarettes because he didn't believe that they only cost $1.59. Well since I was out of cigarettes and that was the only store near me that sold that particular (cheaper) brand I was set on not leaving without them!

In the meantime a woman comes in to pay for gas but some kind of mistake occurred and either she or the cashier didn't say the right gas pump number. To make a long story short another person at a different pump managed to get her gas! And by the time that was figured out the person who had gotten her gas had drove off. The cashier wouldn't re-imburse her and she said she wasn't leaving until she got either her gas or her money back (she was using her credit card to pay for the gas). In the meantime another woman comes in and says that the gas pump charged her $5 and some change and no gas had pumped. In the meantime I'm still there waiting to buy my cigarettes.

To make things even more complicated the time was coming upon a shift change and cashiers have to count out their cash drawers to make room for the next shift and cashier.

In the meantime other customers were coming in. Some had no problems with their transactions and a few had minor problems such as the cashier not being familar with the product or how much it cost.

In the meantime the woman who wanted either her gas or her money back said that she was going to call the police!

In the meantime during all this chaos (and while I was still there waiting) - the cashier decided to "take my word for it" and he let me purchase the cigarettes - which I was very glad about!

The poor cashier was having such a hard time and I felt so much better after being able to purchase the cigarettes that I thanked him and I told him that I hoped that the rest of his day would go better.

In the meantime as I left the store (with my cigarettes) the woman who was complaining was on the public pay phone talking with her credit card company and things didn't seem to be going to well. Since the transaction had more or less just started there had to be some time before they could look into the matter.

It just goes to show you that no matter how much of a bad day you might be having someone else is having an even worser day!

So I'm thankful and grateful that I was able to get my cigarettes and I hope things work out for the woman who was having a more worse day than me!

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